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Archive 2021

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Scratching Fireworks

Want to create your own fireworks 🎆 ? Grab a "Plain Photo" coloring page and color it with highlighters. Then add a layer of black crayons as night sky. Scratch off some lines with tooth picks, straws, ... and your Scanarium 🎆 fireworks 🎇 unfold. (more)

New Actor: Photo of Child Presenting

Lisa got a pirate ship 🏴‍☠️ for Christmas 🎄 . Phil an RC car 🏎️ . What did you get? Color it with Scanarium's new coloring page.

New Actor: Photo of Christmas Tree

What does the perfect Christmas tree 🎄 look like? Bring it to paper with the new Christmas tree 🎄 coloring page in Scanarium! (more)

New intro video on homepage

The intro image on the homepage was lame ... be gone! Meet our new and all fresh Scanarium teaser video 🎞️ 🎉 !

New Actor: Big Snow Saucer

Do you feel the need for speed? Then grab your courage, hop onto the big snow saucer and bolt down the piste ❄️ ! coloring page

New Actor: Steerable Bob

Finally, there's ❄️ snow 😀 ! Grab your 🛷 bobs and off to the piste! coloring page

New Scene: Piste

It's already end of November and still no signs of snow 😭 But we're going skiing nonetheless ⛷️ ❄️. In the new ❄️ "Piste" ❄️ scene in Scanarium. Enjoy!

Scanarium Automaton takes part in Magic Machine Award

The Scanarium Automaton takes part in the Magic Machine Award 🧙 (more)

Teaser: Coloring Book

Psst ... Wanna see what we're working on? A Scanarium coloring book! 📘 (more)

New Actors: Pumpkin and Ghost Disguise Photos

Are you done yet with coloring your scary Halloween costume 👻 ? Or do you prefer to carve horrifyingly awesome pumpkins 🎃 ? Get spooky with Scanarium's new Halloween coloring pages. Happy Halloween!

New Actor: Bolt Rocket

Looking for an adventure? Draw yourself into the new Bolt Rocket 🚀 and off into space! Scanarium Coloring page

Scanarium XXL

What would you do, if you had a printer capable of printing on 1 meter wide paper? The most humongous Scanarium monster truck, obviously! (more)

New Actor: Semi-Trailer Tank

There's a gas and truck driver shortage in Great Britain? Help is on the way: Scanarium sends up a Semi 🚛 with the brand new tank trailer ⛽ ! coloring page

Registration unlocked

📰 Extra! 📰 Extra! Registration for Scanarium Online unlocked! Get your own private Scanarium Online! It's free! 📰 Extra! 📰 Extra!

Happy Birthday, Scanarium!

We almost missed our first birthday 🎂! Summer 2020, Scanarium was born around devlol. (more)

New Actor: Conventional Semi-Truck

Toot! Toot! Make way for new Semi-Truck 🚛 ! Scanarium Coloring page

New Actor: Broad Bug

With major delay, the broad bugs finally make it to the fairy 🧚 summer party. Scanarium coloring page

New Actor: Photo Child with School Cone

Color your school start 🎉 ! With the brand new Scanarium coloring page, you can draw yourself with your school cone that is stuffed with sweets and little toys.

New Actor: Semi-Trailer

Finally, the new Scanarium Semi Trailer 🚛 is fully loaded with colored pencils and is on its way to delivery. Coloring page Semi Truck

New Actor: Long Bug

Next, a group of long bugs join the fairy 🧚 summer party. Welcome! 🤗 Scanarium coloring page

New Actor: Round Bug

The fairies 🧚 throw a summer party! The first guests have already arrived: A group of friendly, round bugs. Scanarium coloring page

New Actor: Semi-Truck

A trailer full of colored pencils is ready for pick-up. The brand new Scanarium Semi Truck 🚛 is already on its way. Coloring page

New Layout for Coloring Pages

There's a new layout for the Scanarium coloring pages! At last, the homepage address made it onto the pages 🎉. And many of the QR codes shrunk a bit ... although they now hold more information 💪. They now take you to the homepage, if you scan them. (more)

New Actor: Subcompact Car

Aunt Mel picks me up to go to the pool 🏊! She's only driving a subcompact car 🚗. But there's plenty of space for me and my fins.

Scanarium Handbook is ready

Where can I download the coloring pages? How can I upload something? What can I do if it does not work? (more)

New Actors: Plain photos in standard sizes

Your favorite photos 📷 right on the Scanarium photo wall? (more)

New Actor: Planet with Moon

Scanarium space crew 🚀 to Control Center 🌍: We've just discovered a planet with moon. This could be a new coloring page. We'll explore the situation. Over.

New Actor: Planet with Ring

Control Center to Scanarium space crew. We see a new, unidentified coloring page on our screens. Please proceed to the PDF quadrant and explore it. It looks a bit like a planet with a ring. Over.

New Actors: Photos of a Man and a Child, a Woman and a Child, and two Children

Gone are the days of loneliness! Fresh Scanarium photo coloring pages arrived: Woman with a Child, Man with a Child, and Two Children. (more)

New Actors: Photos of a Man, a Woman, and a Child

More photo coloring pages for Scanarium: Photos of a man, a woman and a child. (more)

New Actor: Planet

Readers, this is Scanarium space crew. We've made first encounter with a planet coloring page and are exploring ideas to fill it in. Out.

New Actors: Castle Ruin, Racing Car, Unicorn

Climbing a tower in a castle ruin, driving a racing car, and riding a unicorn. Today brings you the first three "souvenir photos" as coloring page for the photos scene in Scanarium.

New Scene: Photos

We wont let the last day's bad weather spoil spring and instead simply draw memories of our best trips and adventures by ourselves: In the new "Photos" scene in Scanarium. (more)

New Actor: Ambulance

The water broke! And there's already the Scanarium ambulance. What's happening in your ambulances? Bring it to live with the brand new ambulance coloring page in Scanarium.

New Actor: Parrot

Summer! Sun! Vacation-time! For all who long for a touch of holidays, there's now a big parrot to fill in, who is helping with popping balloons.

New Actor: Fire Truck

Emergency! Sirens! A brand new firetruck coloringpage gets added to Scanariums fleet. And in different colors, it becomes a prisoner truck, a roadside assistance truck or a garbage truck.

Birds pop Balloons

The ballons scene gets (POP!)ed up ... uhm ... spiced up. The birds are arriving and popping balloons with their beaks. Try it out with our Scanarium's new Tit coloring page.

Scanarium Online

Here's Scanarium Online! Your own Scanarium for your home! (more)

New Actor: Police Car

Congratulations to all who found our Scanarium Easter Egg: The new, hidden car was a Police-Car! (more)

New Actor: Compact MPV

Easter is a family event. That's why we add a scanarium coloring page for a family car today. And a further, new car coloringpage hides at Who can spot it? (Hint: Wee-Woo Wee-Woo)

Mixing photos and coloring pages

Are your self-portraits lacking details? Simple glue a photo onto the coloring pages and off into Scanarium! Off into space! ... or off in the sports car! Thanks to our testers for this great idea!

New Actor: Water Elf

Welcome Water Elf! A male Water Elf coloring page is now waiting to get filled in in the fairies scene!

Scanarium is on Instagram

Scanarium is finally on Instagram! Wooohoooo!

New Actor: Bus

The wheels on the bus go round and round! The highway scene received a brand new Bus coloring page. Enjoy!

Detailed actors for the fairies scene

Overburdened by the infinite possibilities of how to color images? (more)

Scanarium Automaton prototype is ready for testing

Tatata-Taaaaaa! The prototype of the Scanarium Automaton is ready for testing! Curious? Reach out!

New demo-videos on YouTube

Finally! Videos of the current Scanarium scenes are available on YouTube.

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