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Archive 2022

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New Actor: Photo Dinosaur

In December, we should obviously have a 🎅 Christmas 🎄 themed coloring page. But then we got told that we're missing dinosaurs 😱 ! Dinosaurs 🦖 are more important 👍 ! So here's a dinosaur 🦖 coloring page for Scanarium 😀

New Actor: Photo Advent Wreath

To set the mood for the quiet time of the year ☃️👪🎄❄️, we've just added an advent wreath coloring page to Scanarium.

New Actors: Witch and Sorcerer Costume Photos

It's 🎃 Halloween 🎃 ! And today, it will be magic 🪄 ! With the new witch 🧙‍♀️ and sorcerer 🧙 costume coloring pages in Scanarium! Happy Halloween!

New Actor: Space Launch Rocket

As NASA had to cancel the SLS launch to moon last week, we are trying to help out with our Space Launch Rocket 🚀 coloring page. Moon 🌕 , here we come!

Coloring Pages Search

Looking for a particular one of the over 80 Scanarium coloring pages 🤔 ? To make this easy, we now added a 🔍 search function to the Scanarium homepage.

New Actor: Peanuncle

The warm weather 🌞 has lured out the first peanuncles 🥜 in Scanarium! Happy coloring! coloring page

Coloring Pages in More Formats

You want to color directly on your computer 🖥️ or mobile phone 📱 but your graphics program cannot open PDFs? (more)

New Actor: Photo of Child with Flag

We are stunned and shocked 😢 We wish for peace ☮️ (more)

New Actor: Spring Fairy

It's only mid-February, but as the temperatures are going up, the first spring fairies 🧚 arrive in Scanarium already! coloring page

New Actor: Satellite

Geomagnetic storms? Uncharted worlds? Unknown objects? The brand new Scanarium satellites 🛰️ are ready for action!

New Actor: Sled

With such warm, sunny weather 😎, the snow ❄️ can be gone anytime now. So, grab the new sled 🛷 and hit the piste! Scanarium coloring page

New Actor: Stretch Limousine

Did you see that? Wasn't that the queen 👸 in her brand new Stretch-Limousine 👑? Scanarium coloring page

New Actor: Skiing Child Upright

Skiing ⛷️ need not be racing. It can be slower, and gentler. Like the new Scanarium coloring page of an upright skiing child.

New Actor: Snowboarding Child

Skis are one board too many? Then jump onto the new Scanarium Snowboard 🏂 and race down the piste! coloring page


Looking for a 🌊 sea-themed Scanarium-like game? (more)

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