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Archive 2023

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Christmas Rollercoaster Coloring Pages Bundle

What did you find underneath the šŸŽ„ Christmas Tree this year? For us, it was a bundle of brand new Scanarium rollercoaster coloring pages! šŸŽ… Merry Christmas and a šŸŽ† Happy New Year!

New Actors: Dracula and Zombie Costume Photos

Get spooky again, with the new šŸ§› Dracula and šŸ§Ÿ Zombie costume coloring pages in Scanarium! šŸŽƒ Happy Halloween šŸŽƒ !

KinderUni was great!

The 20-year anniversary of KinderUni OƖ was awesome! (more)

Scanarium meets KinderUni OƖ

KinderUni OƖ is celebrating their 20-year anniversary in Steyr, Austria on August 31, 2023 with many different hands-on areas and courses. Scanarium is one of them! Come by and visit us!

New Scene: Rollercoaster

Just in time for the local šŸŽ” UrfahranerMarkt šŸ‘» fun fair in Linz, Scanarium opens its brand new šŸŽ¢ rollercoaster! (more)

New Actor: Slurry Tanker Splash Plate

There's a German saying that if the weather is šŸŒŖļø stormy and ā„ļø snowy on Feb 2, šŸŒø spring is around the corner. (more)

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